Recreational Division

Some of the techniques in this division will be offered at the introductory level for children of 4 – 6 years of age.





This class uses the floor gymnastics elements with music to create interesting and innovative dances.


This expressive dance form from Spain mixes percussive footwork with intricate hand and body movements. It is introduce at the age of 5 and is taught all the way to adults.


A class based on street dance which explores basic breakin’, pop and lock and freestyle movement.This class uses the latest sounds of hip hop, pop, rap, and R&B with movement influences of today’s video choreographers. Offered to children 7 years old to adults.


This dance form teaches the body to move freely and rhythmically. An American dance form, Jazz dance is the perfect blend of mind and body with a firm technical base. Jazz is an exciting and ever evolving dance form full of rhythm and syncopation. Classes explore body isolations of the head, shoulders, ribcage, feet and arms. Classes facilitate individual expression and the development of personal style. Jazz dance is taught with both contemporary music and classic jazz.


A melting pot of movement, this dance form combines movement from ballet, modern, and jazz techniques. Dancers use the lyrics of the song to create movement and expression.


A form of dance in which tap shoes are used to create rhythmic sounds and patterns by striking the tap or sole against the floor. Classes emphasize the development and strengthening of basic tap technique and terminology highlighting the importance of timing and sound. Tap focuses on rhythms and intricate footwork, creating a percussion instrument out of the dancer’s feet.