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About Coconut Grove Ballet

Coconut Grove Ballet Dance Center is committed to bringing out the uniqueness of students through the art of dance. Our goal is to create strong artistic and technical dancers with the ability to go on to dance professionally, in college or just as a passion. The school provides students with an environment that promotes confidence, creativity, camaraderie and the joy of dance. Students start their dance training with one class a week, and gradually progress to more classes as their technical level increases. Students focus on improving alignment, strength, flexibility, coordination and artistry. All students advance on an individual basis, according to their ability and determination. After completing their full training at Coconut Grove Ballet (CGB), many Coconut Grove Ballet alumni have gone on to be accepted to prestigious and well-known pre-professional and apprenticeship programs such as National Ballet School of Canada, Orlando Ballet School, New World School of the Arts, North Carolina School of the Arts, among others. With the discipline and skills learned through their training at CGB, many of our students have also gone on to become professionals including doctors, attorneys, architects, interior designers, and more.

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Our History

Coconut Grove Ballet, the family owned dance studio, is celebrating 25+ years of sharing the passion of dance.

The dance studio and academy began when Doris Noriega, a Peruvian immigrant, started teaching ballet to friends & family in her own home after Hurricane Andrew. News quickly spread of the private lessons. Before too long, there were so many students Doris had to move the school to a new location. Coconut Grove Ballet’s two-studio location was established March 1996.

The school continued to grow, not only in size, but in course offerings as well, adding new forms of dance and teachers.

Meanwhile, Carla, Doris’ daughter, was also studying several forms of dance and spending her summers in New York City training in different programs, such the American Ballet Theatre Intensive.

Doris saw Carla’s potential when she noticed her helping students with their technique after class. She offered Carla a position as an assistant teacher. After assisting and subbing classes, Carla fell in love with the fulfillment of teaching and watching students’ progress. After having danced and taking teaching workshops, Carla joined the faculty at Coconut Grove Ballet. Every year Carla became more involved in various different aspects of the dance studio.

In 2009, Carla helped facilitate Coconut Grove Ballet’s transition to a brand new location in the heart of Coconut Grove. The dance center has 3 dance studios with sprung floors and offers many dance forms to students of many ages including a new Mommy & me dance class. Since the move, the dance studio has grown and developed 4 major divisions: children’s, recreational, pre-professional, and adult.

Coconut Grove Ballet is the only dance studio and dance academy in Miami that is certified in the American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum. As certified teachers, CGB ballet teachers impart breakthrough, age-appropriate, and challenging techniques to their students. All Coconut Grove Ballet pre-professional division ballet teachers are certified.

The dance studio offers several dance forms including flamenco, jazz, tap, hip hop, acrobatics, lyrical, contemporary, and modern. Despite this growth, Coconut Grove Ballet has not forgotten its humble beginning. The studio strives to help its community by partaking in performances for various festivals, helping schools and participating in American Ballet Theatre’s Project Plié.

Dance and Academics

Did you know? In addition to poise, discipline, musicality and enjoyment of the arts, students that dance have been shown to have higher self-esteem and do better in school. Lessons learned from a well-founded dance education include perseverance, responsibility, commitment, goal setting, focus, time management, and more. Coconut Grove Ballet students have been known to excel in academic studies, while maintaining busy dance schedules.

Our Facilities

Coconut Grove Ballet Dance Center facilities are comprised of 3 dance studios. All studios are state of the art with sprung floors. The space includes a reception area, bathroom and changing area for students.

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Coconut Grove Ballet offers family-oriented dance classes for all ages with certified teachers having over 25 years of experience. Get started today and register a class online now!

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